Team 337: STARBOT

The Logan County Robotics team began in 1999 and our team has grown in size and wisdom as we strived to become better each year. In 2000 we were awarded the “Rookie All Star” award at the NASA/Langley Regional as well as placing first runner-up. In 2001 we were awarded the “Judges Award” at the NASA/Langley Regional; we were awarded that same award again in 2002. In the past and present, we have done many fundraisers to help get our team to the regionals and nationals, both in which we have been privileged to participate in. We have started our own entrepreneurship in which we cater events for the community and county school system. Our community, parents, and school system has been very supportive of our team and the efforts we have done to spread the work of FIRST. We want to give back to our helpful community! We have done many things, some of which are include helping with the Hatfield McCoy Dirt Week, collecting donations for Christmas in the Park, wrapping gifts for Christmas for underprivileged children, serving lunch for the Annual Rotary Christmas Party, and ringing bells for the Salvation Army. We are able to spread the FIRST word and recruit additional youth to join Lego and FIRST teams

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